Root Canals and Endodontic Care in Upland and Chino, CA 

The entire Barsoum Dental Care team is committed to the comfort and health of its valued patients. Since dental issues are often accompanied by serious pain and discomfort, many of our patients come to us in distress. Our Chino/Chino Hills and Upland endodontist services represent just one facet of our dedication to responsive, whole-patient dentistry.

Persistent aching, sharp pain or cracking within a tooth may indicate that its pulp has become infected and requires endodontic therapy. Better known as a root canal procedure, endodontic therapy is crucial to overall oral health and can prevent more serious problems in the future.

Preserve Your Oral Health with Cutting-edge Endodontics 

endodontic graphicBefore the development of the root canal procedure, infected teeth were viewed as serious threats to patients' health. Rather than risk more dire consequences, even the most experienced dentists would remove such teeth. Over the course of a lifetime, the typical person could expect to lose several teeth in this manner.

Our root canal treatment changes this calculation. The team at Barsoum Dental Care in Upland and Chino/Chino Hills, including four on-staff Upland endodontists with years of experience and "patient-first" philosophies of care, can quickly, safely and painlessly remove diseased tissue from within an infected tooth. After removal, they fill the revitalized, decontaminated tooth with an inert substance that preserves its structure and provides years of comfortable, complication-free chewing.

Why Visit our Endodontists?

When you visit Dr. Barsoum or one of his four endodontists for a consultation, you'll receive a comprehensive oral exam that identifies the offending tooth and establishes a plan for an expedient, long-lasting solution. Before your root canal therapy, we'll take X-rays to determine the extent of the infection and ensure that the procedure is as direct as possible.

You don't need to be nervous about your upcoming root canal. On the day of your therapy, your endodontist will use anesthesia that eliminates any associated pain. During treatment, the infected tooth's pulp will be removed, and the tooth's interior will be disinfected. Next, you'll receive a temporary sealant. Within a week or two, you'll return for a follow-up visit where the sealant is replaced with a comfortable, permanent filling.

The Benefits of a Root Canal 

True to our patient-first commitment, our root canal therapy offers clear benefits for your long-term health and comfort. These include:

• Preserving the natural appearance of the affected tooth -- and giving you the confidence to flash your smile everywhere you go

• Dramatically reducing the risk of further infection

• Eliminating root pain and soreness

• Preserving or improving your bite force and chewing ability

• Protecting adjacent teeth from infection 

Thanks to expert endodontists, our root canal therapy is an effective alternative to tooth extraction or chronic discomfort.

Experienced Endodontists in Chino/Chino Hills and Upland

At Barsoum Dental Care, we proudly treat patients from all walks of life. We work with most PPO insurance plans for our endodontist services and happily accept cash, checks and credit cards from patients without dental insurance. Since our patients come first, our on-staff endodontists perform same-day emergency procedures on weekdays and weekends. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do to mitigate your nerve pain and give you the confidence to smile once again.

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