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Dr. Andrew Lee


Dr. Andrew Lee was a technology geek growing up so he decided to become an engineer, obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering from UCLA. After getting braces as an adult and experiencing firsthand how a new smile can have a profound positive effect, he decided to change careers. He went to dental school at UCSF, followed by orthodontics residency at Columbia University.

Dr. Lee is a huge San Francisco Giants fan (having grown up in San Francisco). He strives for excellent care and communication with all of his patients, especially Dodgers fans, because wants to give them something to smile about.

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What is an Orthodontist?

Although orthodontists are mostly associated with braces, these dental specialists do far more than just fix crooked teeth. An orthodontist specializes in correcting and treating abnormalities and misalignment of the teeth and jaw. The goal of an orthodontist is to correct and improve a person's facial profile by ensuring that their teeth and jaws are fully straight and in line.

Woman smiling with braces after Orthodontal treatment in Upland, CA

What is Orthodontics?

Our office provides braces, Six Month Smiles, Invisalign and other popular orthodontic products to our patients. Common issues that can be corrected by braces and orthodontia including: Overbites, Underbites, Openbites, Crossbites, Crowding, and Spacing

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Whether you're experiencing pain due to misaligned teeth or a misaligned jaw, or if you just want to have the most dazzling smile possible, our orthodontist is ready to help. At Barsoum Dental, we proudly treat patients from all walks of life. We work with most PPO insurance plans for our Orthodontic services and happily accept cash, checks and credit cards from patients without dental insurance.