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Oral pain is often a sign of potentially serious tooth problems. From porcelain inlays in Chino/Chino Hills to composite fillings in Upland, Barsoum Dental is proud to offer solutions to decayed, cracked, broken or awkwardly spaced teeth. With over 30 years of experience in the field, we incorporate our patient-focused philosophy into every filling and onlay procedure.

Fillings, inlays and onlays have come a long way since the days of crude gold fixtures. Today, our composite fillings and porcelain inlays can eliminate the pain and unsightliness associated with tooth decay, cracked teeth and other threats to your oral health.

Preserve Your Health - and Smile - With Dental Fillings

Most people are surprised to learn that one American dies every hour from oral cancer; a death rate that has remained virtually unchanged for more than 40 years. In fact, recent statistics published by the American Cancer Society indicate that while the incidence and death rates for cancers overall has decreased, the incidence of oral cancer has increased by 5.5% and the death rate has increased by 1.5%.

Oral cancer is far too often discovered in late stage development, the primary reason for the consistently high death rate. Oral cancer treatment often results in disfiguring effects on patients, and can seriously compromise their quality of life. Early detection and diagnosis can make a tremendous difference in life expectancy; oral cancer is 90% curable when found in its early stages. Unfortunately, 70% of oral cancers are diagnosed in the late stages, III and IV, leading to a five-year survival rate of 57%.

When do you need fillings?

  • Worn, chipped or cracked teeth: Our composite fillings strengthen weak spots in teeth to stave off infection and decay.
  • Broken teeth: Since broken teeth are susceptible to accelerated decay, our Chino fillings seal broken teeth to protect them from further deterioration.
  • Gaps or spaces between teeth: Porcelain onlays can close off these voids and prevent the accumulation of decay-promoting materials.
  • Decayed teeth: Fillings and composite fillings replace decayed or decaying teeth with solid, tooth-colored material that is impervious to organic deterioration.

Why Choose Us for Fillings and Inlays in Chino/Chino Hills and Upland?

While we're dedicated to caring for our patients' oral hygiene, we understand that you have other concerns. That's why we make our inlay and filling services as convenient and painless as possible. After your issue has been discovered, most remedial procedures can be completed in a single office visit. First, we'll numb your mouth to minimize the treatment's discomfort. Next, our onlay specialist will remove any decay or debris from the treatment site. Finally, we'll place, shape and polish the material to leave your smile even better than when we found it.

At Barsoum Dental, we also take a holistic, patient-centric approach to oral health. We are a mercury free and mercury safe dental practice. After your procedure, our inlay specialists will educate you on proper implant care and oral hygiene habits to ensure that your mouth remains healthy and comfortable. After all, we smile when you smile.

Benefits and Expectations

Our onlays aren't simply attractive and painless. They also offer concrete benefits for years to come. While you may experience some temperature and pressure sensitivity after your treatment, any pain associated with your formerly broken, cracked or decayed teeth will fade. Thanks to recent technological advances, our inlays and composite filling look incredibly lifelike and won't make you think twice about smiling. Even more importantly, these treatments prevent further decay or deterioration and stave off infections, headaches and other complications that can result from untreated tooth problems.

Get Composite Fillings in Chino/Chino Hills or Upland

Whether you require sturdy, long-lasting porcelain inlays in Chino or attractive fillings in Upland, you can count on personalized, patient-focused service at Barsoum Dental. Since we're committed to serving the needs of our clients, we offer same-day emergency appointments and accept most dental PPO plans. If you don't carry insurance, you may settle our reasonable fees with cash, check or credit card payments. Take the first step to a brighter, pain-free smile today and contact our dentists in Chino/Chino Hills or Upland to request your appointment.

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Dr. Maher Barsoum

Family & Cosmetic Dentist

Serving Chino Hills, greater Chino and Upland, Dr. Maher Barsoum has been in practice for over 30 years. 

Dr. Krystal Benyamein

Family & Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Benyamein loves her profession and her number one priority is to ensure her patients are as comfortable as possible.

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Registered Dental Assistant

Cynthia started her career in 1998. She enjoys working with people and helping them improve their smile.

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Registered Dental Hygienist

Dawn has a genuine compassion for her profession and strives to be sensitive to patient's needs.

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